Isle of Elsi Adventures #2 is now available!

Isle of Elsi Adventures #2Isle of Elsi Adventures #2 is now available for online ordering! This 32-page, full-color comic book picks up right where Issue #1 left off, collecting pages 37-72  of Sally Sanders in the Egalliv Examiner.

When Sally follows Rex to the dragon cave in the woods above town, she is followed by the mysterious Mr. Witts, who tells everyone what they are up to! Witts vows to return to Egalliv in three days to take Nogard the dragon away. Can Sally and Rex find a way to fix the town’s problems and save the dragon before time runs out? Find out in this exciting installment!

You can also preorder the first five issues of Isle of Elsi Adventures. Issues #1 and #2 will ship right now and issues #3-5 will ship as soon as they become available (in March, June, and September).

IOE Adventures - Preorder Pack Issues #1 & #2