IOE 6 is Complete!

Randy Remarf in The Door DilemmaLast week I posted the final page of “Randy Remarf in The Door Dilemma.” You can now read the entire story! Here is a link to the first page.

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I post these comics online for free, but they take a lot of time and skill to create. If you would like to support Isle of Elsi I have a $1/month Patreon and I can accept donations through Ko-fi and PayPal. You can find links to these services on the support page.

Isle of Elsi Writing Hiatus!

With this story completed, I’m starting another “writing hiatus” where I will be thumbnailing the next story. It’s going to be a long one (100+ pages!) so I’m not sure how long I’ll be writing. I’ll report back here when I’m getting ready to post pages again.

Until then, thank you all so much for your support of this webcomic! I especially appreciate everyone who helped me spread the word about it. Best, Alec

Isle of Elsi Adventures #2 is now available!

Isle of Elsi Adventures #2Isle of Elsi Adventures #2 is now available for online ordering! This 32-page, full-color comic book picks up right where Issue #1 left off, collecting pages 37-72  of Sally Sanders in the Egalliv Examiner.

When Sally follows Rex to the dragon cave in the woods above town, she is followed by the mysterious Mr. Witts, who tells everyone what they are up to! Witts vows to return to Egalliv in three days to take Nogard the dragon away. Can Sally and Rex find a way to fix the town’s problems and save the dragon before time runs out? Find out in this exciting installment!

You can also preorder the first five issues of Isle of Elsi Adventures. Issues #1 and #2 will ship right now and issues #3-5 will ship as soon as they become available (in March, June, and September).

IOE Adventures - Preorder Pack Issues #1 & #2

Isle of Elsi Adventures!

Isle of Elsi Adventures #1Alec Longstreth’s award-winning, Eisner-nominated webcomic for kids is now being published as an ongoing comic book!

I’m proud to announce the launch of Isle of Elsi Adventures! Issue #1 picks up right where Book One left off, with the first 36 pages of Sally Sanders in The Egalliv Examiner. You can see a video preview of the comic book on the ordering page.

Since I have not been able to exhibit at comics shows because of the pandemic, it has been hard to get my comics into the hands of young readers. New stories have been released online as webcomics, but with kids maxing out their screen time during the pandemic, I thought it would be nice to get these comics into print while I work towards the second book collection. I’m excited to send them out through the mail, like I have done with my minicomic Phase 7 for the last 19 years!

Here is my publishing plan:

Issue #1Currently Available! – Pages 1-36 of Sally Sanders in the Egalliv Examiner
• Issue #2 – December 2021 – Pages 37-72 of Sally Sanders in the Egalliv Examiner
• Issue #3 – March 2022 – Pages 73-106 of Sally Sanders in the Egalliv Examiner
• Issue #4 – June 2022 – Pages 1-29 of Liz Tekcar in The Contested Contest
• Issue #5 – September 2022 – Pages 1-29 of Randy Remarf in The Door Dilemma

If you would like to preorder all five issues and have them mailed to you as they are published, I’m offering an Isle of Elsi Adventures Issues #1-5  Preorder Pack!

IOE Adventures - Preorder Pack

IOE 5 is No Longer Live!

IOE 5 contact sheetBack in March I finished the fifth Isle of Elsi story, Liz Teckar in The Contested Contest! You can read all 29 pages of it online for free (here’s a link to the first page).

Isle of Elsi Writing Hiatus!

After wrapping up IOE 5 I jumped right into writing IOE 6. It is another 29-page story, which went through three drafts incorporating feedback from my team of early readers. I am happy to report that I am currently drawing a small buffer of pages, which will begin posting on July 1st, 2021. The next story is called Randy Remarf in The Door Dilemma!

Randy Remarf

Thanks, everyone, for your patience while I get this next story up and running!