Rex Jargon Junior (R.J. Jr.)

Rex Jargon Junior is a boy who loves to play with words. He likes his eggs punny side up, he is an active author of alliterations and you've never met a sublimer rhymer. He has read more books than anyone else in Egalliv!

Sally Sanders

Sally is an energetic lass who lives on the edge of Egalliv with her little brother, Brad, and her dad, Saul. Sally likes to climb trees and to skip stones in the river and to go fishing. She can beat any other kid in town in a foot race!

Draziw the Wizard

Draziw the Wizard comes from a distinguished family of witches and wizards and, for mysterious reasons, lives in the woods above the tiny town of Egalliv.... In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess and teaching the local wolves to speak English.

Nogard the Dragon

Nogard the Dragon lives in a dark cave at the edge of the woods above Egalliv. Like most dragons, Nogard gets bored easily and must be kept busy. Unlike most dragons, Nogard enjoys nothing more than reading a good book!

Liz Tekcar

Liz is a teenager who plays the drums in her band, Racket! She also works as a clerk for the Egalliv Council of Elders, where she seems to be taking on more responsibilities lately... luckily, Liz is up for the challenge!

Randy Remarf

Randy Remarf is a talented woodworker who learned carpentry from his father, who in turn learned it from Randy's grandfather! Randy is always looking for new ways to use his skills to creatively solve problems around Egalliv. He's equally good at making boxes and thinking outside of them!