IOE 5 is No Longer Live!

IOE 5 contact sheetBack in March I finished the fifth Isle of Elsi story, Liz Teckar in The Contested Contest! You can read all 29 pages of it online for free (here’s a link to the first page).

Isle of Elsi Writing Hiatus!

After wrapping up IOE 5 I jumped right into writing IOE 6. It is another 29-page story, which went through three drafts incorporating feedback from my team of early readers. I am happy to report that I am currently drawing a small buffer of pages, which will begin posting on July 1st, 2021. The next story is called Randy Remarf in The Door Dilemma!

Randy Remarf

Thanks, everyone, for your patience while I get this next story up and running!

Back at the Drawing Board!

Liz Tekcar in The Contested Contest

I’m pleased to announce that the next Isle of Elsi story, “Liz Tekcar in The Contested Contest” will begin posting on September 3rd, 2020! Thanks for your patience while I wrote and revised this story (it went through three drafts!).

While you’re waiting for new comics, you can check out this “Draw a Dragon” video that I created for A2CAF 2020.

I was supposed to be a special guest at A2CAF in June, where I would have led this activity in person with real kids. Since the event was canceled because of the global pandemic, I instead recorded a video version, which was paid for by the Ann Arbor District Library. I hope to make it back to A2CAF in future years!

Okay, I better get back to the drawing board – I’m trying to build up a little buffer of finished pages before I get back into the swing of my weekly posting schedule. See you in September!

IOE 4 is No More!

IOE4 - Sally Sanders in The Egalliv Examiner contact sheet

Last week the fourth Isle of Elsi story, Sally Sanders in The Egalliv Examiner, finished up! You can read all 106 pages of it online for free (here’s a link to the first page).

Isle of Elsi writing hiatus!

Unfortunately, because of the way the global COVID-19 pandemic has effected my work-life balance, I do not have the fifth Isle of Elsi story ready to post, despite my best efforts. I am going to take a brief hiatus so that I can finish writing the story, gather feedback, make edits and begin drawing it. I hope to begin posting new pages again some time in July. I’ll keep you updated here if that timeline changes.

NCS Divisional Nominee!

I also forgot to previously mention that Isle of Elsi has been nominated for best Online Comics – Long Form by the National Cartoonists Society for the 2019 NCS Divisional Awards. The in-person Rueben Award ceremony has been canceled this year, but I understand there will be some sort of virtual ceremony, and the winners should be announced later this month. Wish me luck!