R.J. Jr. in The Dragon’s Librarian!

The First Page Posts on 12/31/15

Well, it’s December 31st, 2015, so the first page has been posted!  The first story is called “R.J. Jr. in The Dragon’s Librarian” and it is 99 pages.  I will be posting every Thursday from now on, and if my new Patreon campaign gets above $500/month I will begin posting every Tuesday and Thursday.

I have been working in secret on Isle of Elsi for many years now, and it has all built up to this day.  I’m really excited to finally start posting these pages and to share this story with all of you.  I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to www.isleofelsi.com !

Isle of Elsi: A free webcomic for KIDS! by Alec Longstreth

The Isle of Elsi website has launched!  I figured it would be cool to put it up a few weeks before the first page posts so that people can bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow the Isle of Elsi Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook accounts to get updates. Click around and explore the site!

The first page will post on December 31st, 2015 at which point I will also launch the Isle of Elsi Patreon campaign. My hope is that after the comic starts, Isle of Elsi will continue for many years to come!  Thanks so much for checking it out and telling your friends about it!