2019 Ignatz Award Nominee!

2019 Ignatz Award Nominee for Oustanding Online Comic

I found out today that Isle of Elsi has been nominated for the 2019 Ignatz Awards in the Oustanding Online Comic category!!?! It is a huge honor to be nominated, especially with so many other great cartoonists recognized in the category.

Sadly, I will not be able to attend SPX this year, but if you will be there on Saturday September 14th, please consider voting for Isle of Elsi.

You can read the nominated story right here for FREE!

We Did It!

The Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter successfully funded! Thanks to the 288 backers who made this possible, and to all the folks who helped us spread the word about the campaign.

If everything goes according to plan, the book should be available to order in the fall of 2019. Check the store page for more information about the book!

Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter Launches April 2nd!

Isle of Elsi Kickstarter - April 2019

For the last few months I have been getting ready for the Isle of Elsi Book One Kickstarter, which launches next week, on April 2nd!

The goal will be to collect the first three Isle of Elsi stories into a 144-page, hardback, full color book. Check back here for a link to the campaign after it launches!

IOE 3 is Fini!

All 15 pages of Nogard the Dragon in The Search for Spinoza

Last week the third Isle of Elsi story, Nogard the Dragon in The Search for Spinoza finished up!  You can read all fifteen pages of it online for free (here’s a link to the first page).

These first three stories will make up the contents of the first Isle of Elsi book, which I am beginning to design (covers, endpapers, etc.).  I will be documenting that process and getting feedback from my patrons over in the Isle of Elsi Patreon Backer Blog.

I’m also posting a bonus 8-page side story over the next week in the Backer Blog, just for my patrons.  I’ve also continued “unlocking” one post a month, to give folks an idea of the kind of content I’ve been posting in there.  Here are the March, April and May posts:

• IOE Process Post #3 – Layout!
• IOE Process Post #4 – Penciling!
• IOE Process Post #6 – Coloring!

The fifth process post (inking) was already unlocked with a group of sample posts last year. This means that my entire process for a page of Isle of Elsi is now publicly available!  You can check out all of my public posts on this page, and if you like what you see, consider pledging your support! I post every week and it’s a fun time to join in, as the fourth Isle of Elsi story begins on May 31st, and will continue well into 2020 – it’s a whopping 104 pages!