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Isle of Elsi Adventures #3 is now available!

Isle of Elsi Adventures #3 is now available for online ordering! This issue collects the third and final installment of Sally Sanders in The Egalliv Examiner, during which the town builds a new theater, with a bit of help from the local dragon! Issue #3 has been added to the Isle of Elsi Adventures #1-5… Read more »

Isle of Elsi Ko-Fi repost!

Each week when I have a new page of Isle of Elsi, I post about it on a variety of platforms to help spread the word (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon). I recently set up a Ko-Fi page where I will start posting pages when the seventh Isle of Elsi storyline begins. Since I’ve never posted… Read more »

Isle of Elsi Adventures!

Alec Longstreth’s award-winning, Eisner-nominated webcomic for kids is now being published as an ongoing comic book! I’m proud to announce the launch of Isle of Elsi Adventures! Issue #1 picks up right where Book One left off, with the first 36 pages of Sally Sanders in The Egalliv Examiner. You can see a video preview… Read more »

Isle of Elsi is Eisner Nominated!

YOWZA! Isle of Elsi has been nominated for a 2021 Eisner Award for Best Webcomic! Thank you to Comic-Con International for this honor, and congratulations to all the nominees, which you can see here.

IOE 5 is No Longer Live!

Back in March I finished the fifth Isle of Elsi story, Liz Teckar in The Contested Contest! You can read all 29 pages of it online for free (here’s a link to the first page). After wrapping up IOE 5 I jumped right into writing IOE 6. It is another 29-page story, which went through three drafts… Read more »